Batch replacement advertising code, how to identify advertising code

Have a friend or will ask, what is the advertising code, ah, how should we replace the ad page of others in the code ah.

1, the form of ad code.We don’t

basically all the advertising code, is one of two above, the more general JS.

(1), < or < script> ifame>

(2), including.

2, ad code replacement.

(1), and the League of the ad code, if in the same alliance ad code, then we replace the ID on the line.

if it is a single page, usually directly edit the web page source code search and replace it.

if is the large quantities of website program, you need to use batch replacement software or use the DM batch replacement.

(2), if the non union with the ad code, so it is necessary to replace the whole advertising code.

3, ad code query.

sometimes, we borrow someone else’s ad code, but found that the process we use, there are often some popups or Trojan or virus, then how should these things when we borrow other ad code to find it?

(1), search for "www", because these things must be passed by the general web site, web site which contains WWW, and then search for "com" and "cn".

(2), search script or iframe because they are often carried out through the transfer, call.