Chibi earned you earn it

yesterday finally at a friend’s incitement to read "Chibi", but during the day in the online booked tickets, time to go to the cinema tonight has nearly 10 points, but the surge of "Chibi" fanatics will let you forget the time, 1:00 looking at the crowd gradually dispersed, really feel. "" Chibi, really earned


booking time, the site on the tip of the film before the start of 10 minutes of advertising, please understand, and I was on the scene, far more than 10 minutes: new film advertising, brand shoes, plasma TV, cars…… Are these titles, single advertising, estimated that there are a large amount of money; there is rumor at the box office, released 4 days, the box office has billions of dollars; this is just "Chibi", ending a "battle of Chibi, next time", and "Chibi" will be credited? This should not be a fan, but an open "astronomical".

saw Johnwoo make this is the webmaster whispered in my heart, I do not make out the old money? This world is so unfair. In fact, it is not so difficult to make money, just like "Chibi" to earn so much, not to say; do very hard, insiders know, but some people’s hard work, in exchange for the equivalent returns, and some, but is still far from watching, is not lack of users to continue or evacuate? No, lack of investment, lack of energy, is the lack of good money mode; Baidu or Google or, more big advertisers, they are also in how to achieve win-win in grinding and stationmaster, because only a strong country, ability, this is my summary from "Chibi". Perhaps, the webmaster should get a small van, carrying their own server, go to the beach with wind, looking about the Internet in the future.

Take the

to recommend a good new money mode, "network operators share" through simple advertising links into the gaming platform registered users to activate the game, through the online recharge of high consumption into, I think it is a good model, interested owners can go to find out. Detailed address:

"Chibi" earned, you earn it?