Why the neglect of women’s website

I want to be a woman, a woman, a woman, a warm, a dream, a fashion and a practical one, to create a digital home for women"…… Remember that these words have been touched by the female website of the hearts of many female users, so that they have to join them, and even attracted a lot of men to come to the long view". Maybe you want to break Chinese for thousands of years "patriarchal" thought, to find the reasons that a space for one person in the network in a male world, in short, the women’s website was quite occupied "half the sky" momentum.

The status of women’s websites

now the female website generally have two ideas, one is set by the special topic, the most typical is the female literature site; the other is a comprehensive topic all related to women, such as female channel portal. A large number of mixed type of women’s Web site to do with the portal is very similar, from the point of view, are under the slogan of caring for women, sweet greasy. From the specific point of view, women are concerned about the emotional, fashion, entertainment, life information, etc., are related to the site. Some theories sound good, such as the Internet is equal, men and women can achieve equality on the internet. It was also suggested that the site should be more professional and pragmatic, to solve the practical problems of women, to better help women practitioners, to the community, to provide enjoyment……

But the expression of the concept of

common website the most taboo is the traditional media content to the Internet and women’s website is simple, but in this special sloppy, they hate not contain all of the female useful content, but to do than traditional force