Mom will seal removed advertising Ali webmaster account

a few days ago, I wrote an article entitled Baidu will launch the Ali Mama advertising webmaster operation?   after the release of the article is stationmaster net as the column headlines displayed on the home page, thank Oh ~ ~ this article is written is put on the Ali Mama advertising Baidu might drop right doubts, and according to their website is analyzed. Then I suddenly thought, Ali mother will be those of us so removed the Ali Mama advertising webmaster do what? Baidu may be right down on Ali advertising website, so Ali how to respond to it, will do what to withdraw so Ali mother advertising webmaster


was thinking, did not think Ali mother can do anything. However, I was wrong, oh, Baidu and Ali want to be in a long time is an enemy, would you attack my block, stationmaster miserable ah, caught in the middle! This is caught in the middle of the feeling of no pleasure! Said the following I encounter.

at the beginning of September, I will notify the purchase of my bag week advertising to advertisers, I want to change, may cause instability, they hope to cancel the trading, and sent a message to ali. I want to withdraw Ali advertising, worried about the impact of Baidu ranking. Later, Ali said advertisers to send mail to them, I have to inform the once again, if you can not cancel the big deal to give them back the advertising fee. Then I removed the partial maturity of advertising. The last date is around September 17th.

around September 26th, I received a letter from Ali’s mother

the following is the content of the letter

dear members Hello!

thank you very much to the Ali Mama advertising! Unfortunately, after a detailed verification of the abnormal phenomenon on the website "click your data", so we suspended and your mom in a "click billing" advertisement. Please check the phenomenon, and after receiving this notice, within a week to provide detailed instructions to submit an application. Thank you again for your support for Ali



let me dizzy, I have never cheated, but I stand every day of the Ali Mama advertising click income (some advertising will be idle, will show Ali click advertisement) every day only a few cents to 1 yuan, less than GG advertising, how is cheating in the past? I reply to Ali to clarify the reasons and then received their mail:

September 28th received reply mail:

dear members: * * * * (some hidden)


I’m very sorry, after a review of existing data anomalies of your website, can not get down, now mom staff will study for two months on your website, if your website data is normal, will receive. Thanks again