The execution of the webmaster decides the success and failure of the website

webmaster do have a gradual process, more important is pragmatic, firm attitude, and not to eat a fat.

site to promote the use of the main three kinds, respectively, to share with you.

a search engine. Mainly rely on Baidu, although GOOGLE included more, but almost no flow every day. My station is on line one week after Baidu included, I take methods in improving the ranking method is to buy links, buy links in the same type of station, this method is very effective to improve the site’s ranking in the short term, but to grasp a degree, namely the website don’t buy too many links, in order to avoid let Baidu "suspicious"! I content every day about 5 articles, of which 1 or 2 pieces of pure original, the other is pseudo original, this is about my website in mid May, a primary key in a Baidu ranking and on the first page! But this keyword search volume is small, every day is estimated about 100 people came to the site search, I will flow around 20. Until early June another key I have on the first page of the rankings, can bring me 60, 70 of the flow of these two words every day, and all directional IP, basically every one or two single, I do is slimming products, we can think of a month 2, more than 3 thousand money is completely possible, this is my new station, January is the master of There are plenty of people who.

two, forum. Can in the post and even better. Another point is to find a high PR forum, at least PR to more than 3, because the PR is too low forum I feel the weight of the site to increase the weight of less than. The last point is more important posts is the best original, my own requirements is absolutely original! Because it is more conducive to the collection of Baidu, some people say that the original too hard, and that it is not difficult, because the post space not too long, one, two hundred words can be and isn’t it difficult? Of course also can not ignore the quality of the posts, not the pursuit of speed and quantity. Quackish luankan so easy to let everyone dislike, fix your post will be posted as garbage to delete! This day around three forums, each forum issued the most two you can post.

three, published articles, or soft. Now I have formed a habit of a free writing, are also beginning to feel very hard, very hard, but once insisted a long time will think this is a very easy thing, even a few days do not feel the lack of written what did not like, not falling by this! I also realize a truth: no one what is difficult, but we do not insist, just do what can be made! A5 is my favorite place to go, I write it here first submission, if not published before submission to other places. Through this period of time I deeply feel: soft Wen is to increase the chain, improve the ranking of the best way, even