What kind of station is more appropriate to do Adsense

what kind of station is more appropriate to do Adsense?

I think most webmaster do in Adsense, as an advertising alliance, Adsense reputation and style is very suitable for Chinese webmaster, but we often Adsense because the price is very low, and are often K and headache, so I came to a question, what kind of station is more suitable for Adsense?

I do about Adsense more than 3 years, Adsense has just entered China began to do, until now. According to what I have seen and done, roughly summarized as follows, to start Adsense or relatively cool.

industry stand this kind of site Adsense to start feeling good, because this kind of advertising price can also, and the industry of the station content is not too much garbage, and content browsing counterparts, so is still good to do it.

classified information station classification information station, covering a wide range, the ADSENSE unit will have a larger comprehensive promotion, and because the content is in the form of spontaneous browsing, content is not too much of the time, the price is good.

professional site stock station, IT information station this kind of professional information site and Adsense is also very counterpart, but pay attention to the quality of the content, if the quality of the content is too low, will lead to your unit price is very low.

so what kind of station is not suitable for Adsense?

I think the following sites do not cool


entertainment station in Adsense, entertainment site is the famous low price, although your traffic is very easy to pull up, but Adsense seems to have a little pay and reward is not equal, it is better to be a SP or other type of alliance alliance.

download station Adsense clear, should pay attention to copyright issues of the site, and this entry station serious conflicting download, it is recommended not to do, although some common download download address and use advertising mixed form to cause delays, but should not be, when K, don’t be too depressed.

picture picture station in addition to copyright issues, there is a serious problem is that Adsense is based on text content, advertising pictures, stand your text is too small, not what expensive advertising. And stand on the edge of K, assuming that there is a very good flow, it is not as good as a league.


above is my humble opinion, to share with you the.

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