How to use portal pages to increase the amount of access

Now, in some network management, spread such a myth, as long as the site submitted to hundreds of search engines, the amount will increase greatly. Is this really the case?

see a group of statistical data, more than 95% people through the search results in the first six links, see they are looking for content; the top 10 sites, more than 11 to 30 site visits, more than 78% of the volume of the top 30; access site, accounting for more than the entire search the results of the 90%; ranked 30 after the site, almost empty. In December 1997, Yahoo within one month of treatment 55 million people search, one has one or two important keywords good ranking sites, which can produce thousands or even hundreds of thousands of daily visits, and at the back of the site, but greatly reduced.

but the portal page, is not easy, it takes a lot of time and effort. One of the reasons, to explore the search engine ranking algorithm, which is not accomplished overnight! Two of the reasons, the need to produce a large number of portals. For each hope to get a good ranking keywords, have to make a separate portal page, and to get the best results, generally should choose 10 to 50 closely related to the theme of the web page keywords. In addition, the ranking is good "in a search engine, in another search engine, probably in the back row, so the same keywords, but also for each search engine, the design of different web portal. For example, a key "free", AltaVista, HotBot, and hope that in Lycos, Infoseek and Excite of the five top search engines (except Yahoo, it does not accept the portal ") to get good rankings, so it must be for each search engine, making five of the" free "web portal. If you want to register more search engines, in addition, there are dozens of keywords, the workload can be imagined. However, as long as it can let us hard to build a website Mingyangtianxia, this pain is not what to eat.

As for the specific