Why is it so difficult for professional managers

Why is it so hard to

occupation managers in business? I have a friend, age forty, has gray hair. We are in the business, from time to time will get together, talk about the recent progress, support each other. However, the most recent meeting, he was a bit depressed, said he had three years of entrepreneurship, the work is very hard, but still can not be successful, some confusion about the future. People feel frustrated, they take their own past and present a comparison, it is easy to compare my heart whispered: I really is not suitable for business? Do managers


is a story of a foreign manager to start their own business. My friend: graduated from the domestic elite, early thirty has become a well-known multinational enterprise director, and then go to school in the United States to read MBA, after graduation to a private enterprise to do CEO, a good fame. And private boss cooperation is not long, he sprouted the idea of entrepreneurship, the reason is very simple: always work is not a way, although the salary is high, but there is no sense of security, or their own business is relatively stable. Snapadoo! Co-workers he found multinational companies work, created a management consulting firm, will soon have their own pot of gold.

earned the first pot of gold is very relaxed, his mind a hot, but also so that business, then began a large-scale expansion. He moved to a high-end office, hired a lot of highly paid people, the rapid expansion of business lines, the cost is also rising rapidly. However, the good luck did not last long, and then his business is getting harder and harder. Consultation is difficult to do in China, many customers seem very interested to find what you want, but is in fact in his prepared material, often a lot of consulting projects are started with vigour and vitality, the end. Do a lot of "Huo Leifeng", he was a bit sad, frustrated and helpless.

"no matter how well you’ve done it before, you can’t guarantee success without starting a business!". He then explained to me:

venture than originally thought is much more difficult, I used to think in a big company doing so well, your own business can also be successful, after the discovery of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial managers is completely two, a good manager may not be successful in business.


around there are many big companies in foreign companies and the successes of the people, tired in the organization inside the bureaucracy, decided to go it alone on his own, but success is often not much, this is not an accidental phenomenon.

chatting, we do not consciously reflect a question: why do some people in a foreign company, once you start a business will encounter in Waterloo? In addition to some accidental factors, is not their own also has some defects? We summed up the "four elements of foreign executives to succeed entrepreneurship", also with out and share with you:

First of all,

is a professional manager and an entrepreneur in a big company is two