Share some experience in making money from the dumpster

yesterday, my five day profit 100 station all was forced to close down (I’m using the domestic space), today it seems particularly easy, free, can finally live like people – celebrate!:


here to share three garbage station profit model, hoping to help newcomers.

a, SP station. In this forum, there are people talking about SP earnings, as well as people charge training. After reading it, I think it is ridiculous, and some people even believe that their practice. Now give them all the nonsense:

1, 779 traffic union recharge at least $200. Even they do not know the 779 flow union a recharge at least 200 yuan do not know, this tutorial is to charge 50 yuan to try the effect. By their mother for a few pennies this cheat.

2, do not put on the home page on the flow of the union advertising code. This is right, but I see some so-called master template is provided, which includes students who understand the Dragon (this is a scumbag, meet friends around. They are garbage station operation) are in the home with the flow of the League code, this shows that he is also worried about everything. Guilty, why?? because they are not the master. Originally should not say bad things about people, but the new couple, do not want everyone to suffer. SP is the best template to do the home page, no matter where you are, is a hint to register, and then automatically moved to the page to enter the phone number. The temptation to close the page either, which is so ace – this can reduce back shells, do not make people dislike. This is the key to success. As for the back flow, that is off the front page, with the back bombs and earn points program is program, not one or two pages, this is to ensure that the necessary details you can’t lose, to do all kinds of comprehensive profit model, to ensure that every one person involved, at least about 5 profit. In other words, he turned off your home page, or have been registered, or not interested to go, this time to do the garbage can be used without their extreme. (so it’s a dumpster)

3, the temptation to content. See a lot of so-called master in the temptation to do with adult movies, which has an effect, but cheated many people, the effect is poor. Now the stock market fell sharply, many investors are looking for online reviews…… This is done with a lot of SP, first, there is no public security departments of the inspection, the program on the domestic line; two is that these people are relatively wealthy, and strong investment ideas, it is easy to register. The difficulty in the mobile phone number after they enter the registration page can not appear in the film, which requires you to have a good resource, called SP business for you this kind of special only VIP member registration page.

two, say so much about SP. Here’s 51VK or 169 friends, PPS, UUSEE video download, Download reader, Mobile Fetion promotion.

1, 51VK dating is a free registration, a 0. 3 yuan. I registered 51vk.>