The Qixi Festival chain year-end activities, three gift rewards webmaster!

2008.1.15—2008.1.30 day

(1): where the activity is registered as a chain of Tanabata new users and put the code, the point is greater than 2 when the system presented a score of 800, immediately to traffic!

(two): active period:

            point out 2000 to 5000 daily webmaster, over 100 yuan in cash awards
            point out 5000 to 10000 daily webmaster, over 200 yuan in cash awards
            point out 10000 to 20000 daily webmaster, over 400 yuan in cash awards
            point out 20000 to 30000 daily webmaster, over 600 yuan in cash awards
          & nbsp; point out daily;   more than 30000 of the owners, over 800 yuan in cash awards:

  evaluation criteria:           1 flow quality 2 whether the formal launch 3 there is no violation of the Qixi Festival 4 chain 5 number 6 page tidy 7 other



1. activity (a), 800 points equivalent to about RMB20 yuan. So malicious registration to make the flow of the account, delete directly.
2. activity (two), (three), all the winners will be announced on the date of 1.31.
3. activity (three), taking into account all of us to screen the workload is too large, so the award will be excellent website from all the messages in the chain to recommend the account to be selected.
    not recommended, as a waiver of the right to participate in this activity!
4. in order to better develop your Tanabata chain, please help a lot of publicity.
5. the right to interpret the activities of Tanabata exchange chain (>)