Maybe these 15 words can change everyone’s Taobao guest career

always think it is easy to make money, watching others by Taobao customers earn thousands of dollars, their dream one day also can rely on the family, so in the influence of friends started their own webmaster career. But once the actual operation is not the case, first you need to choose their own products, then there will be part of the update content, or how to get good rankings, the two cannot rest, followed in website promotion, Taobao customers don’t want to like the way we want, but relying on the promotion of the code can be earn a lot of money, but he is ultimately not losing money, settlement last month about how much money a few hundred dollars, but compared to before the grand goal, the present situation is a bit awkward. Of course, I’m not here to complain, I write today is according to their own practical experience to share 20 words, want to just contact Taobao customer website novice webmaster is prepared, because here is not a heaven, but the arena.

1, group purchase rebate network growth has weakened the competitiveness of Taobao company in a certain extent, as compared to the two, Taobao customers competitive advantage is only reflected in the shopping, fast and convenient and accurate, about the price, Taobao customers do not have much room for development, after all, Taobao company’s price advantage all from the support, this is very limited.

2 now Taobao guest website webmaster innumerable competition, many webmaster, at all costs to make your own website ranking, and then complete the transaction, so far, Taobao customers in this industry in addition to the fierce competition, the market is still very confusing, declining reputation.

3 surface is too wide, professional is not enough, many webmaster to as much as possible will flow into the trading volume, the blind will be the site, contains dozens of product categories, it is likely to cause a product update and care for this and lose that, slowly, on the other hand, for a webmaster, it is impossible to all products are known, so the recommended products will have a different value of the purchase.

4 large sites, such as Sina, Tencent, Taobao has also entered the promotion of the industry, and they compete in the market space we want to get smaller.

5 user consumption concept matures, is no longer a simple pursuit of convenience, more is the price.

6 in the social media highly developed today, micro-blog greater impact on Taobao customers and many users directly by micro-blog on the recommended products away.

more than 6 sentences is the analysis of the current from a practitioner perspective of the market environment, said is the truth, not a little water, because I want to tell you, Taobao customers is very competitive, not you want to earn money, but I did not hit you mean, in my side have made 2W a friend for a month, so for us, we still have a chance.