Talk about the role of domain name on the website construction

keyword Pinyin domain name is very useful for ranking, domain name selection is very important to register a good domain name, it has been successful in half. I want to do this, all the people know it.

so there are many types of domain names, there are English word type, Chinese Pinyin type, digital and English words, numbers and Pinyin, etc.. So what kind of domain name, in the search engine is easy to get a better ranking?

first, the domain name of the weight of the domain name suffix, the general gov, org, edu suffix weight is relatively high.

but I personally like.Com in our nearly 10 years of age, the concept of.Com is the most authentic. So here it is suggested that all those who intend to do a regular stand, long standing, we must be willing to register the domain name.Com.

The following

, get to the point, talk about my months observation of the experience: how the domain name is easy to get a good ranking in the search engine. After my observation, when the title of the site and the site’s key words and domain name completely match, the key word is easy to row to the first. For example, the site name: civil servants, title is only set up: the national civil service network, with a corresponding domain name then, the term civil servants, it is easy to row to Baidu and Google first. This is my last few months to observe a number of sites found. I hope all of you help!

The basic principle of

domain name is easy to remember, is a basic requirement of users think of your website will emerge out of your mind at the same time, the domain name of the website, such as the thought of "civil servants" comes to mind "". Remember the domain name should be brief (with no more than 6 characters), and the second should be meaningful. This is actually the name of the person, and obviously, the name of three words is the name of ten words is better in mind, a meaningful name (we often say that the story of someone’s name) than meaningless names is better in mind that we have more or less experience.

good domain but also easy to input, easy to distinguish, the domain name is composed of numbers, letters and "-" "_", numbers, letters and "-" can be directly input, "_", "SHIFT" key; in addition, "-" and "_" is not easy to identify: so, unless there is no other choice, if your domain name is best not to appear "-" or "_".

is the following several methods of domain names, respectively, with examples:

an English word

should say that the best domain name is the English word

two, Chinese Pinyin

of Chinese, a good record of Chinese Pinyin domain name may be a good choice (especially for the domestic website only), now is the money Taobao (taobao.c>