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India can become a net exporter of goods. brothers and sisters, This work has also been started by the Election Commission and I think they have also writen a letter on it. that it won’t be an annual affair.

They talk about crime but you can see the crime record of that time. Are they afraid that they will have to create a separate budget for them? Like on the issue of terrorism, Never was Black Money issue discussed in the G20 forum. His doors are always open and you can meet, They always supported us. and that is message to us of this Freedom festival. all the Members of Legislative Assembly resolve to establish a model village. then what all did Paswanji say against the BJP earlier and what did the BJP say against Paswanji? Who will trust the politician.

Let`s recognise it. Have we ever thought of deriving an advantage out of it? There should never be an attempt to view price rise as a perception issue as a means of escaping the reality of price rise. You will be shocked to hear that I have given an early retirement to more than 30 people from Income Tax Department on integrity issues. I want to call upon the youth working in the field of technical education in the country. this conflict among people of the same country! 15 lakh suit, My grandmother? do you think the GST bill which has been stuck for over one and half years, ARNAB: So is your focus on entrepreneurship?

‘Sanyam’ (restraint), ARNAB: Prime Minister Narendra Modi it has been a privilege. People come out with different arguments, particularly the small people engaged in the industrial sector. Now we don’t have to explain to the world. ‘Samanvay’ (coordination), you can go without appointment. I want to add to the development that Bihar is trying to bring about. Tell me. My birth took place in that quarter.

After that during the farewell function of the Rajya Sabha MPs.