Wanda investment lithography era overweight online movie ticket

recently, the online selection platform micro shadow era has announced the completion of the $105 million B round of financing, it is worth noting that the list of participants in the presence of Wanda Wanda figure.

is the first to enter the electricity supplier Wanda cinema cinema company, and launched Wanda movie in 2011. Wanda cinema 2014 online ticket sales revenue exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 200%, and the company plans to achieve this year, electricity consumption accounted for more than 50%, more than 2 billion yuan at the box office. Although the era of lithography Wanda investment in the main business is online ticketing, but with other platforms is not the same, the main products of lithography era is WeChat wallet and QQ wallet "movie" based on the entrance ticket set in large social platform, a large number of users can be connected with the film.

practitioners seems Wanda by cast lithography era, can have large social platforms such as WeChat groups into the viewing group; in addition, big data through the use of lithography era master of Wanda investment, production and distribution of the film depth cooperation, can realize the precise marketing of the film, pulling the box office.