Central bank super online banking in August to resist the third party online payment

China’s banking network barriers will soon be broken.

April 1st, the reporter from the channel of commercial bank was informed that the central bank’s efforts to build the second generation payment system in the "first" – Internet banking Internet application system or will be in August this year, on-line operation, and clears up the domestic banking financial institutions banking disorderly competition. Currently, the first batch of more than and 10 pilot major commercial banks are nervous access system development.

informed sources, the system will serve as the effective supplement of existing payment systems, and large real-time payment systems, small batch payment system of parallel operation, limit the amount of somewhere between business, initially for 50 thousand yuan.

In addition,

was once caused by the bank’s third party payment platform concerns or be suspended access to Internet banking system. If the third party platform access, commercial banks will have a significant impact on the payment business." A joint-stock bank said.

central bank super online banking

Internet development and new development of electronic payment, the central bank’s first Renminbi interbank payment system upgrade imminent.

traditional payment system has been unable to meet the growing demand. The general need for payment services, when the payer account payable to him, the money from online bank payment system, through the bank for the business systems, the people’s Bank of modern payment system, the payee account aspects of bank internal business systems. The payment service instruction must pass through many nodes, the multi system transformation, the efficiency is low, the cost is high.

to meet the banking financial institutions in the payment service real-time clearing needs, December 2, 2009, the central bank held the second generation payment system and central bank accounting data centralized system (ACS system) to start the construction meeting, Chan Mingdi the two generation payment system can provide a flexible access way for banking institutions liquidation mode and more comprehensive flow risk management means.

April 1st, informed sources said, according to the original plan, Internet banking Internet application system of the second generation payment system the first building, was originally intended to be launched before the end of June 2010, the second generation of payment systems for other application system and the ACS system running on the line before the end of June 2011. However, from the current situation to prepare, online banking interconnection system may be on the line in August.

The application of

Internet banking system is the "super online banking", can provide real-time interbank fund transfer, interbank account and check accounts for individuals and units, as well as the current payment system can not be realized by cross payment, third party payment, third party authorization and other business functions, for commercial banks in E-commerce cross line and other aspects of financial management to provide customers with innovative services to lay a strong foundation.

retail business must be on the line, can not be on the public business." Informed sources, the central bank may take into account the safety and efficiency, there is no mandatory public service on-line.

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