Zhao Liying and other stars to Taobao hand chop party video wireless video service providers pay New

Abstract: in the consumption of entertainment, entertainment consumption, has become the most popular way of shopping.

January 24th -1 26, Estee Lauder, Taobao, Lin wood, PEAK and other 17 businesses Ali, Jay Chou, Wallace Huo, Zhao Liying, together with Li Yifeng, Wang Kai and other more than 10 big coffee line to the consumer video in the mobile phone Taobao pay New Year’s call attracted 8 million 770 thousand people to participate. Consumers can not only see the stars of the new year in the store to see the blessing of the new video, a red envelope, but also upload pictures to produce their new year’s video to participate in interactive. According to statistics, making consumers upload video of the 148 thousand year, share up to 66 thousand times the number of one of the most popular platform for 100 to the number of Jay Chou, there are nearly 18 thousand interactive video upload.

to participate in the activities of the business, it can be said that tasted the sweetness of Ali content upgrades. Estee Lauder Brand Manager Cherrie Li said the electricity supplier, "this event is the first attempt to complete the distributed video coupons, but also a new exploration of client technology based on the activities of novel design, interactive, and can be spread in a variety of channels to share, enhance the communication effect." Taobao Tmall manager Liao Minghai also believes that "watching video can grab a red envelope, enhance the interaction with the user’s interest. You can also insert goods and coupons, to guide the user into the store, during the Spring Festival in 2017 the number of visitors increased by nearly 20%."

is not difficult to find, in the consumption of entertainment, entertainment consumption, has become the most popular way of shopping. Data show that in 2016 double 11, nearly 8 of China’s Internet users began to use mobile shopping, the proportion of wireless transactions accounted for more than 82.42%.

"was done before the official consumer interaction, by watching and buy envelopes, coupons, this is the first time by Ali ISV provides the integration of interactive link," according to the introduction, this year the video from the video content consumption pay New Year’s call, the first super star appearance, than last year the die dance, more influential and spread of power. Secondly, UGC content has been upgraded last year, consumers need to shoot their own cut, the operating threshold is very high, this year only need to upload the head can be produced with a brand new year video.

visible novel wireless video services by businesses generally praise, but the reality is that many businesses suffer from multimedia without the ability to show the contents of the form of upgrading, therefore need a platform to allow businesses to find the pathway can realize the content of technology upgrade services. Based on this, the Alibaba will conduct ecological 2 upgrade in 2017, launched an interactive content platform, provide a more complete business link for ISV and business, and resolve their content production to the realization of the core pain points, from across the 0-1.

Alibaba platform service provider is the vanguard of the service Ali tens of millions of businesses, the current number has reached 4.5. Yuan Yuan, director of Alibaba business division wireless interactive operations, told reporters in 2016, video services, interactive custom, AR and >