Explore the developing road of the national domain

1997, CNNIC established the CN management domain name registration, CN domain name registrations only Erqianlai; 10 years later, CN domain name registration has reached 5 million 300 thousand, more than COM domain name, domain name in China has become the first big success, occupy the world three a position of national top-level domain.

corresponds to this, 10 years ago, China has only a number of Internet users, after 10 years, the number of Internet users in China exceeded the number of 140 million. The CN domain name, the development of the Internet and Chinese economic construction as a road, in the world of the Internet the position of the pattern of victory on the day.

so, CN domain 10 years off the road from weak to strong, actually experienced what important turning point? What is the strength of the CN domain to lift the power?

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domain name value advantage to catch up from behind

not only in the registration rights more secure, CN domain name registration is more convenient and more stable access to a domain name from COM to CN domain name registration application that needs to recognize the value of the domain name CN, let him to abandon the "COM domain name is an international, CN domain name is wrong China".

as one of the two CN domain name arbitration institution, China international economic and Trade Commission of the domain name dispute center secretary general Li Hu said that the CN domain name by our own management, in the dispute arbitration by Chinese language, Chinese applicable law, compared to the COM domain by foreign arbitration institutions, China registered in the CN domain name dispute in the chance of winning is much the high, to avoid the encounter in the COM domain name dispute on the reverse domain name plunder.

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CNNIC technical director Li Xiaodong introduced, in order to achieve CN access speed and improve the stability of the domain name, CN domain name not only in last year’s top six re deployed nodes, in cooperation with South Korea on server each other in overseas, and ensure the stable and efficient access to domain name CN. Recently, CNNIC is set up in Europe and the United States CN domain name top-level nodes to negotiate, CN domain name is expected to advance the top node in Europe and America, to facilitate access to CN domain name overseas users.

as China’s Internet based resources, CN domain name is the company’s Internet brand identity, is a bridge to the internationalization of Chinese enterprises, but also an important means to achieve localization of multinational enterprises. For the majority of Internet users in China, CN domain name is an indispensable network identity card, reflecting the unique identity of the individual on the internet. There is no doubt that these values and characteristics of the CN domain has gradually been excavated and recognized, is the CN domain name registration volume exceeded 5 million 300 thousand, in the country beyond the root causes of COM domain name.

has something of value, if only on the shelf, it is very difficult to obtain the favor of the public. CN domain name to 5 million 300 thousand of the final registration of more than the domestic COM domain name, its power is rich and widely used.

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