Credit crisis challenges online shopping, money scene high level of competition for the evaluation

said that on as the representative of the online shopping, the change is not only a way of shopping, it is a way of life – this is in the form of C2C (between individuals) e-commerce-based, spawned called "Indoorsman Indoorswoman" newborn group: at home, can buy everything in life required. Taobao is also a miracle of the Internet, marking the arrival of a new era of the Internet, e-commerce platform to create a new online money scene industry. Some people say that when the courier industry help shopping network to achieve virtual reality and the conversion at the same time, it is through online shopping in the East all the way……

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August 20, 2009, reported results show that the first half of this year, trading volume to achieve 80 billion 900 million yuan, approaching 99 billion 960 million yuan last year, accounting for the first half of China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 1.4%. The numbers are surprising. Online shopping has become one of the important channels to stimulate domestic demand, online shopping has entered the homes of ordinary people, and began to affect people’s consumption concept and attitude towards life.

1, consumption and entrepreneurship

online shopping new life definition

online shopping to buy a bag of snacks ", white-collar solution Siyang is young people like. From snacks, clothing, digital products to refrigerators, furniture, all the equipment are purchased through the internet. Exciting discounts, all kinds of products, delivery convenient, this is the solution of Siyang in online shopping. Only in two cases, she would choose to go shopping: one is less than online search or wait to buy, and the other is on the Internet, but not sure whether the right.

go to the store to see, and then to buy online.

soon, online shopping popular. An electric car, four or five boxes of books, a group of students, many of the gate of the school from time to time this scene, "online discount more, cash on delivery, but also cost-effective and easy".

more and more Internet users are accustomed to the price transparent and convenient online shopping, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest report shows that Chinese users about 4 people in 1 individuals who are online shopping. In August 20th, released "2009 annual report of the development of online shopping market in the first half of China said:" 338 million users, nearly half are registered users, the online shopping users grew 3 times as fast as Chinese users.

analysis of the industry to Taobao as the representative of the online shopping, not only to change the way of shopping, but also a way of life. Data show that in 2008 Taobao created a total of 570 thousand direct and full employment, college students to become a powerful online employment force.

simple glass windows, neatly placed in the unique handmade soap, which is the fourth year of college students in the home of yin. In another room, Taobao want (a kind of chat tool for online transactions open, Yin Li >)