Group purchase website future big bubble rupture or one or two round fish

The essence of the

GroupOn model is a collection of ultra low discount merchandise, gathering a specific crowd of living media. Domestic "hundred regiments" can do this in the real value.

there’s another big bubble in Silicon Valley.


this time the protagonist is It is a born American life service class e-commerce sites, like the history of the star pattern, it has distinctive innovations: GroupOn every day to launch a group purchase products, usually low discount so you do not hesitate, consumers will soon be it develop daily log on to the website to see habits, you only need to make a simple decision to buy or not to buy. GroupOn 7 months after the line began to profit, with the introduction of a Russian capital company shortly before, its valuation has climbed to $1 billion 350 million in less than 2 years, is expected to reach $350 million in revenue during the year.

GroupOn early story is like this: founder Andrew · (Andrew) after a few years have been fascinated by the power of the user aggregation of the Mason. Prior to that, he had done a website called The Point, trying to have the same goal, people who do not know each other together to complete the task. Although eventually died, but the idea of aggregation of users as a starting point for his choice of projects. Another source of inspiration for him should be Woot, which was born in 2004, is characterized by a day to sell a commodity, now has children’s products, liquor and other sub channels. When Mason Woot’s "One Day Deal" sold to a large number of idle resources in the life of the service industry, the current outbreak of GroupOn One.

in Chinese, as early blogs, video advertising, online heat, lift hot selling shirts and hot TV shopping sprees, now clone the GroupOn website blossom everywhere, the fire was in a complete mess. If those items are only 20, 30 imitators words, the bubble, look out of the U.S. group, F group, handle, 24 coupons, Wo Wo Group, cool group, club and other parts of the country name from 40 to 50. According to incomplete statistics NetEase technology, is not too mainstream participants, the country has more than 150 buy site, known as the hundred regiments war is no exaggeration.

everyone do group purchase, whether it will repeat many popular business projects finally the dismal fate, or last one or two big fish "round"? We believe that after a greater possibility.

high profit curse

GroupOn is a high profit business, because services businesses tend to have a large number of idle inventory and the cost structure, such as a fitness center or pizza, high investment property.