Micro business development bottlenecks encountered trust can sell how long

last year can be regarded as the fastest development of micro business year, masks, clothing, jewelry, purchasing and other information filled with circle of friends, and even have reached the point of flooding. The original is to protect the privacy of the favored WeChat, also become the object of people "circle of friends" color.

trust sell out without friends

is very popular in the micro business such a sentence: we do not sell products, but trust. "However, with the" sell trust "more and more friends, WeChat and the emergence of such a sentence:" micro business sooner or later no friends. Micro business destroyed the social ecology of the circle of friends, so that marketing is greater than the interaction of micro business circle, is bound to be rectified.

micro business to rectify the contradictions

The development of

micro business Tencent is unexpected, and now the Tencent on the "laissez faire" not really do not want to control, but do not know where to start, has a good grasp of the rectification efforts.

on the one hand, micro business development momentum is good, for Tencent to provide in the future and Taobao can compete products, make derivative disappear completely is impossible; on the other hand, micro business has seriously affected the circle of friends of the natural order, reduce the WeChat user experience, if not strengthen the rectification this social software will let WeChat lost its advantage, the loss of customers.

micro business is in addition to stay, for Tencent is also a very headache problem. The author believes that WeChat should do now is to make full use of the strong potential of micro business and WeChat’s own advantages, will be marketing and circle of friends, two pronged approach to achieve a win-win situation.

independent micro business to achieve a win-win

as we all know, the reason why the micro business is successful, a big factor is the basis of a friend’s trust has been removed from the seller to earn the reputation of hard work, which is superior to the micro Taobao. Therefore, the micro business still can not leave this platform relying on WeChat, leaving the social software, micro business and ordinary B2C no difference.

on the other hand, although WeChat also launched a small shop and other services, but the impact is not as big as micro providers. Due to jump links, information updates and other factors can not be synchronized circle of friends, micro shop can not provide consumers with the most convenient service.

I think, will establish a micro shop into a separate space, with fans in the number of public borrowing mode, can purify environment, circle of friends, let the real needs of people to see the news, to improve product promotion.

micro business to C2B, small and beautiful direction

as a result of WeChat’s own product characteristics, destined to micro business exposure is not large enough, lack of development space, can only go B2C, small and beautiful route. But I believe that, B2B, B2C electricity supplier model has been very mature in the development of the network, and then dubbed the micro business title does not make much sense. Since it is a micro business to do something different, with other B2B, B2C mode >