Su Ningyun engage in private banking financial cake to share the era can come

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market in August 21st from Su ningyun to set up new Suning Holdings Group, presided over the relevant matters after Suning bank, from the stock market reaction is Su ningyun once pulled limit, but time is very short, the final closing has reached more than 8% of the increase, in the current market murky condition. To have such a performance if it involves and Su ningyun to the Construction Bank Never mind is clearly impossible, so before Su ningyun dare to eat the first private bank Alibaba this cake can really? The private financial times so we and so close to


Internet financial concept brings a lot of reverie

perhaps Suning’s move was just a speculative way, after all, the private banks from the current point of view is an epoch-making event, although China’s banking system has started the business, but are generally belong to the state-owned holding. But financial innovation is to invigorate the country since recent efforts to promote what is the Internet in the context of the financial can come from behind the scenes to the foreground, with Alipay as a leader in Internet financial strategy, so that 2013 is destined to become a financial year of the Internet, a network to sell the fund, investment from line to line like a raging fire burning now, still burning out a Suning bank.

may be a lot of people will think that Ali do banks really pity, to know the Internet banking from investment banking, or only small loans, Ali was the first person to eat crabs, but for the bank’s Alibaba is always afraid of face, many insiders believe that the reason for the Construction Bank, Ali has always been completely indifferent. Not because itself is not willing to involve line entities under the banking sector, to know the financial system for Ma once said, if you do not reform the current financial system, we have to force it to reform, from this statement Ma is very want to bank.

but from private capital to the formal operation of banks need to receive a lot of constraints, not only by the financial system norm limits is subject to relevant state financial regulatory restrictions, these restrictions are actually a negative impact on the innovation of the private bank, if it is a private capital operation a similar to a state-owned bank the so-called private bank, it will bring what kind of impact on the banking industry, on the contrary the weak private capital is easier to suppress the state-owned banking system. Perhaps this is the key to the Alibaba reluctant to engage in banking.

Suning business courage but the prospect is not optimistic

Su Ning when suddenly stood up, dare to be the first person to eat crab, is not the courage, perhaps Suning and Ali has a distinct advantage, a line has accumulated years of enterprises can rely on offline popular relations, establish a real bank entity, to this point easier than pure Internet companies, Suning also has some government support background, coupled with the current financial system to enliven, prevent financial crisis needs.