Pharmaceutical electricity supplier 2 into the air or fall into the trap


Lei said to be "outlet pig, not to mention everyone to do pig and pig, are keen to find the outlet. How to determine the tuyere it today’s most important interpretation of the classic headlines CEO: when the industry has an important factor in the production of change, there is a new opportunity for the birth.


The first outlet

pharmaceutical business is undoubtedly on 2012 Tmall pharmaceutical Museum, which produces huge traffic, many previously unknown small companies take on the day, such as health network, seven Lok Kang, Kang love more. Since 2013 did not appear a new outlet, pharmaceutical electricity supplier 2013 very quiet, there is no new strength players.

in May 28th this year, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the Internet food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft), clearly pointed to the online sales of prescription drugs. Not long ago, according to insiders revealed yesterday, Guangdong province food and Drug Administration convened in Guangdong province 52 pharmaceutical commercial enterprises held a forum will come out between "the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management measures" issued in the final draft is expected 1-2 months, of which the net sale of prescription drug release has become a fixed office. The future is bound to create second new air – prescription pharmaceutical business online shopping, new opportunities will be the birth of a new business model: prescription drugs will really become the core category of pharmaceutical business operations, pharmaceutical electricity providers play will turn the world upside down changes.

opportunity has always been to the prepared enterprise. Often when the outlet has not arrived, had some enterprises "over there", and those who come to action etc. tuyere enterprises will find themselves arrive at the outlet when the already overcrowded. As of September 20, 2014, the Internet has not yet issued a new drug, but the trend has been unstoppable, there is news that the new deal will fall in the year. Have prophetic vision enterprises have begun to explore new business models, this exploration showed a "medical" pharmaceutical business signs.

in the past to the health of non pharmaceutical business as the core of the pharmaceutical electricity supplier is defined as 1, then the prescription drugs for the core business of the pharmaceutical electricity supplier is defined as 2. 2 indeed is very cool, especially the mobile medical grafting on the tall, the capital side have been bullish, but it appears to be the user, is the pharmaceutical business in the new environment right? We do not doubt, but certainly need to demonstrate, eventually it may only have time to test.

2 commonalities: medical

it is well known that only the prescription drugs need real pharmaceutical care, OTC and healthy non drug can completely allow customers to choose. Pharmaceutical electricity supplier 2 to emphasize the unique professional services of the pharmaceutical industry, and no ordinary electricity supplier and the two to the 1, nothing more than cheap, convenient service delivery and other general services.

when the pharmaceutical electricity supplier to sell all of the goods are non drug based, in fact, do not need any pharmaceutical services, which is why Jingdong, Amazon like this do not understand the drug’s big business platform can also be sold