Reveal some unknown tricks Taobao business

we heard too many people to open the Taobao shop to get rich, see them buy a car, buy a house, bubble girl, psychology or very envious. We only see their surface, that they are doing a Taobao sell. As the saying goes, profiteers, profiteers, not rape, in fact there are many Taobao sellers are cheat money.

Taobao everywhere pit, accidentally fell into the. There are many deceptive methods today, Shao Lianhu blog will give you a consignment of Taobao expose deception, may have some friends who know, but I feel this business cheat too outrageous, so I shall not have exposed him, let more people fall into the trap.

things like this:

yesterday, a netizen with my WeChat, this morning, he sent me a message, said to be acting my. I wonder at this time, I have what agent? I thought, is not because I wrote a micro business articles, like agents do micro business?

then, I chatted with the girl, she said, he opened a Taobao shop let me help you refer to. I opened the phone with a look, can not see what, I will open the computer to see the next. Look, just a Taobao shop, selling the ladies, I have no atmosphere, clothing is like, shop does not have a favorable comments.

she said, she saw a lot of friends in the circle of WeChat agents, may think that I do micro business. Then she said, she spent 4800 yuan fee just to open a Taobao store, and the high purchase price of scary, customer service said strange enthusiasm. Yeah, you gave people nearly five thousand yuan, of course, the enthusiasm of the customer service, if you do not give a penny, I think they will not be the rationale for the network users, so the enthusiasm is also hoping to cheat point.

Taobao shop opened, there is no credibility is not good, they can give the brush credibility, however, have to give the transfer before giving the product. For this, the girl can not accept, afraid of being cheated. For Taobao do not brush brush reputation, no one to buy things, brush it, also must first pay, and even if the store credit is not necessarily someone to buy things, this is the most sad, Taobao is not so good to do.


shop to spend 4800 yuan to open well, but the shop does not sell too good things ah, I asked the girl how to sell, she said not to sell, only yesterday. I asked her, do you know how to promotion, she said, they help with publicity, I said, they help you sell? She said, of course not, just for publicity, the sellers have to rely on their own. However, she can not even understand Taobao, let alone network promotion.

previously, only need to open a Taobao shop open shop, upload products waiting for others to buy things. But now, all the people have been bought by the rich, you can shop for a few days, a few months is almost no one to see your products, not to mention the sale of products. Unless you have the money to buy traffic unless you only