CEO as a model and aged Eslite mode is taboo


aged Eslite

"we challenge ourselves every day." VANCL company (Vancl) CEO Chen said. The company was originally founded as "just want to be a cost-effective menswear brand, less than two years, Vancl’s product line from the original standard of men’s shirts, Polo shirts, rapidly expand to the women’s and children’s clothing, footwear, jewelry, almost every week to launch a new style of products. The rapid growth of the explosive force, let the old feel the speed "very exciting"


one day in 2007, had a magazine editor, wrote a novel, operating over, but did not have any experience in the apparel industry of the old, old friends with Lei Jun, LIAN sources, IDG investment institutions such as the $6 million start-up capital, domestic manufacturers do find a foundry for big clothing enterprises, pointing to his body the workmanship of brand-name shirt said: "I want to make this shirt."

was founded in November of that year, aged Vancl officially launched. Prior to years of operating experience in the network of excellence, so that he realized that the price war between the B2C platform is inevitable fate, while operating brand clothing can get a more lucrative gross margin. Like a cool hunter, when in 2007 more than and 30 domestic direct website four old shirt, has been in the noisy outside: he had observed a long time and then quietly on the Internet menswear brand PPG company executives conducted numerous exchanges, even got the advertising media list and best-selling products list. He also persuaded the former colleagues to join, this has a tacit understanding of the team in terms of e-commerce experience, quickly build a mature website architecture and the shopping process; and with the age and human resources and reputation Lei et al, Vancl was founded before to attract venture capital, set up within half a year and has got Saif, Qiming, tens of millions of dollars in funds.

however, although the team has been relatively thorough understanding of the Internet, but do not understand the clothing industry. To this end, a few months old time immersed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang clothing factory, clothing fabric, understand the production process and cost. "That a few months of work, laid today." The old saying. However, after Vancl PPG’s footsteps follow the leader following three months of operations, PPG in quality, funding strand breaks and other negative news impact has declined rapidly, this old heart caused a lot of impact.

: old mode and mode, which is a taboo

after the investigation, old found a startling fact: Although PPG is known as the Internet brand, 95% of its sales from catalogs and telephone sales, rather than the Internet; PPG a lot of advertising on TV and print media, marketing costs are very high; PPG too much emphasis on marketing, but the production and control of logistics service the quality of some neglect.