Dual 11 Tmall Jingdong Suning buy less than $1 self timer

with the 11 more and more close, the major electricity supplier promotions never interrupted, the major news headlines have been occupied by the electricity supplier.

on Monday, the boss of Jingdong tea sister released a pregnancy news, while the mother and child on the platform to promote the promotion of the class on Tuesday, the ad hit the right.

on Tuesday, Tmall in Beijing massive directed by Feng Xiaogang announced this year 11 details of the party, triggering media blitz.

One event succeeds another. Jingdong, Alibaba real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing disrupt e-commerce market order issue, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has been formally accepted, and handed over to the Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau do further investigation and treatment.

electricity supplier competition full of gunpowder, double 11 also from a simple online shopping festival, and gradually developed into a whole industry and even the whole of China’s online shopping heyday.

in the face of merchandise consumption of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, often unable to start small, the picked home double 11 big profit businesses to recommend to you, by your purchase electricity supplier APP, double 11 self bar only 1 yuan can buy half price, as long as the mobile phone will be able to purchase, the purchase of goods during the event without reservation, complete the payment to purchase orders.


You purchase

by the relevant responsible person said, they are designed to do genuine digital mobile phone sale mall platform, although a short on-line only 4 months time, but with "buy wholesale price" slogan to attract a lot of mobile phone, the mobile phone price sensitive consumers, and by inviting red way, greatly stimulate the user to sharing platform for propaganda, 4 months time has accumulated more than 1 million 500 thousand registered users.


The double

11, you also purchase on-line since the first in the industry type shopping festival, although the top of the major electricity supplier giant strong pressure, but by your purchase has said, we always adhere to, is to let consumers see and enjoy the real benefits, but also hope that through this activity, let more note that you purchase by the consumer to buy a mobile phone, digital products don’t forget by your purchase price.