Chinese manufacturing network roadshow will change the success or B2B e-commerce pattern

recently, the focus of technology’s Chinese manufacturing network listed on the news on the Internet, especially the B2B e-commerce industry set off a great disturbance, and the Alibaba, global resources network successfully listed B2B e-commerce platform has become the focus of attention of the capital market. There is no doubt that the listed companies in China for the electronic commerce industry is good news, will attract more capital betting funds are not strong enough e-commerce companies. This good news will bring China’s B2B e-commerce industry with enough confidence to encourage e-commerce companies to develop higher goals.

and comprehensive e-commerce sites such as Alibaba, global resources, China manufacturing network listing tide compared to domestic rash and too much in haste, industry portal appears to be much quieter, currently only under the banner of the Chinese Sheng chemical network an accepted by the capital market. This provoked the industry to the future of China’s e-commerce field will be a comprehensive service platform or specialized vertical portal is the king of debate again. Notice, the four largest domestic B2B e-commerce network – global resources, Alibaba, and Chinese HC manufacturing net are listed, then it is time to vertical B2B e-commerce network "hit".

is called e-commerce mogul Jack Ma said: "you can’t do everything, so you should concentrate on a little break". Therefore, whether it is from the people’s habits, or from the characteristics of the Internet itself, the industry portal by virtue of its professional services will inevitably be latecomers.

in recent years, with the rapid popularization of e-commerce in the manufacturing industry, enterprises have realized that professional B2B platform is more suitable, especially when the economic crisis, buyers and sellers at this point of the consensus intensified. Alibaba may face the crisis or challenge is the opportunity for other segments of the market.

insiders assert that with the advent of China’s manufacturing network, China’s integrated B2B platform will be listed on the hot end, then, will usher in the development of vertical B2B e-commerce. As evidence, a domestic venture capital sources revealed that they are more inclined to invest in the direction of a number of popular vertical platform, such as auto parts, new energy, steel, building materials, etc..

with the Chinese annual auto production and sales both exceeded 10 million mark, automobile and related industries have been hitherto unknown attention, has also attracted a new round of VC especially favored. It is reported that the B2B electronic commerce network – gasgoo auto parts in the current domestic largest automobile consumption boom, development into the fast lane, wide attention from the industry.

data show that as of October 30th this year, gasgoo e-commerce platform with a registered supplier member of auto parts exceeded 20 million, nearly 90% of domestic auto parts enterprises long-term browsing of the platform, the platform is also an important way of supporting international buyers and buyers looking for customer service and search domestic suppliers.

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