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Shanghai fluke incident has not yet dispersed, Han Li Xuan barbecue shop has been exposed by the media "meat eaters slobber" hands back to the table… The food industry food safety problems, moldy It is often seen. expired… Food safety problems, affecting the broad masses of the people’s health and life safety.

In fact,

, not just the food industry, each industry should pay attention to security issues. In twenty-first Century the age of information, the data is lost, stolen safety hazards have been far beyond people’s imagination, undeniable, information and data security becomes particularly important. Best software as a professional supplier of hotel business management software, the company’s technical director on the clear: hotel information security and food safety is equally important, are worthy of attention.


in recent years, due to security vulnerabilities, resulting in frequent customer information leakage hotel. The hotel has become a hotbed of information leakage, why do you say that

1, the hotel industry is a typical industry wide information system, intelligent equipment and mobile network technology application, at the same time due to the massive cover guest nature information, bank accounts, occupancy and other types of data and information become highly privacy of information security building and protection work is one of the most sensitive industry.

2, with the development of information technology especially the mobile Internet technology to promote cloud computing, big data, mobile device access, social media, online payment, intelligent sensing and control devices are increasingly used in the hotel management, hotel information become more and more important and complicated, at the same time, network attacks and hacker technology illegal has become more and more frequent and more aggressive and profit.


information security how to prevent? Is the first try to use its own server, reduce the use of third party servers; second is to strictly distinguish between the intranet extranet, important database to avoid direct network; strictly control the control even outside the equipment, strengthening the supervision of the network; the last is to strengthen the construction of security system, reduce man-made leakage information.

, however, the Chinese hotel practitioners for the hotel information security issues should establish a sense of normalcy, not because of concerns about the security of the information on the closure of all the doors and windows of the house.

At present,

hotel industry in the tide of information, long before 2008, Europe and the United States, Japan and other places of the hotel buffet service began to gradually rise, jcipc keep in line with international science and technology enterprises, research on self-service Hotel launched in August 2008, and combined with the hotel self-service terminal officially put into operation in 2010. Jia Chi launched as the first hotel self-help service system software vendors, the self-service machine is the most advanced technology, the most complete, the most stable product hotel self service system, has become the main symbol of the new smart hotel, and a number of mainstream television media reported.

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