How to develop e-commerce in the software industry

The production of

software industry to develop e-commerce is a necessary trend in the future, but about how to develop e-commerce, e-commerce has what are the main content, the Internet is very small, here, I to " safety software " the electronic commerce planning as a case to explain, mainly introduces how to develop the industry design of electronic commerce, there are deficiencies please advice.

a, site target

1, website positioning: for the safety of the industry to provide a platform for the exchange of learning and technical personnel e-commerce platform.

2, the purpose of the establishment of the company: to sell the company’s software based (including custom software), sales of other companies to support the security software.

3, the implementation of the method: a large number of related security personnel gathered through the introduction of members, agents and other ways to find prospective customers. Brings together a large number of relevant security enterprise information, through information screening to find prospective customers.

4, website goal: to become the largest e-commerce website in the security industry.

5, the company’s goal: the site with the company’s business, the company has become the leader in the production safety software industry.

two, website function

design purpose: the function of the whole website is designed around the goal of the website.

each sub column of the contents of the introduction, the purpose of the column, the source, the realization of the method due to the layout of the reasons, here is no longer described.

1, security information download

content: laws and regulations, safety standards, safety management, operating procedures, safety papers, safety culture, management system, security technology, safety evaluation, safety cases, etc..

Objective: to collect all kinds of data security, users can free download, but I need to register as a member, can design different membership levels to give different download permissions; access to relevant security personnel a lot of data in this way.

2, security software download

content: safety production license, enterprise safety production, government production safety supervision, other security software, software customized channels, etc..

purpose: to collect the software version of the safe production industry or free version for members of the audit through the download; another free for members to provide customized software program, which is the best way to get prospective customers.

3, focus topic

content: emergency rescue, occupational health, special operations, fireworks, etc..

purpose: to set up the special features of the company’s software, in order to introduce the main information of the project, the company’s software publicity to achieve the purpose of network branding.

4, security industry

content: fire fighting industry, hazardous chemicals, petrochemical industry, electric