Ali listed whirling finalized the flowers where

Ali has never been low-key, there are new trends whenever new products will make the streets and lanes, take the recent market exchange, Ali first in the year-end bonus as a threat to internal staff call outward soliciting, after is to invite 100 thousand Henzhao Amoy girl sit Taiwan " " from. The promotion method is straightforward, is to let the majority of netizens exclaimed. Also, this is the purpose of hanging as Ali listed mouth, at present, Ali listing is still whirling, here we take a look at Ali listed on events actually made what rumors of


Hong Kong listed refused why?

said, the beginning, Ali was originally intended to listed in Hongkong, and the HKEx on Hong Kong listed Ali attitude is very friendly, but the Hong Kong stock exchange to Ali made a number of restrictions, including: reduce the number to one to two times gravity shareholders to nominate directors, at the same time "partner the system is equipped with three year period, during the period of Ma and management can reduce its holdings of 25%. The above policy means that holding 7% stake in Ma, up to only reduce the equity of $1.75%. All reduction restrictions proposed by the HKEx, are focused on Ali partner and Ma body. And can not afford to lose control of the possibility of Ma rejected the proposal, which may be the root cause of Ali can not be listed in Hong kong.

and then Ali has said, very wronged, Ma Yun grievances a little more. Ali’s chief of staff has said that the first round of the poor results of communication with the HKEx, one of the reasons is that since 2012 Alibaba (delisting number: 01688) delisting, did not keep in touch with Hongkong. The company reviewed the lack of communication with the Hongkong authorities, but there is no plan to communicate with the Hong Kong stock exchange.

By Ali



Hongkong market rumors finally in Ali’s position no plan after the NASDAQ ended quietly, however at this time also to Ali an olive branch, said Ali to welcome and accept the listing. I do not know, Ali listed on the Nasdaq market whether there is a play?


group said earlier, Ali group has received written confirmation from the New York stock exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, Ali partner mechanism including the board of directors of the nomination completely meets the regulatory requirements of listed. And on the NASDAQ (Nasdaq) CEO Bob Greifield’s latest position, we can see that the NASDAQ is indeed full of sincerity.

listed on the road repeatedly blocked Ali faces a dilemma

Ali listed rumors this year is popular, and the place of listing is still, the Hong Kong exchange, NYSE, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Chinese SSE etc. have a listing of rumors. However, a large number of listed sites, Ali is only the most preferred Hongkong, who is the partner system Alibaba is not accepted by the hkex. On the other hand, the United States is the partner system without conflict, with full sincerity welcome to Ali Sida >