Cheap wholesale site passenger waiter cheated thousands of dollars

evening news Miss Li recently to the two articles online wholesale merchants to buy a 3000 yuan baby, hit the money has not received the goods, it is found out after encounter a liar website". After her inquiry found that the number of online maternal and child supplies wholesale websites are fake shopping sites, this kind of liar website with wholesale cheap to attract buyers to implement fraud.

Miss Li is a shop "waiter", responsible for incoming delivery work. Through online search, she locked a few cheap wholesale business. A company called "Shanghai Tong Jia en maternal and child supplies wholesale company" customer service said, because it is the first cooperation, to Miss Li to play money to the company, then the company will ship within 2 days, and Miss Li to each other through online banking bank account payment of 1670 yuan. Another company is located in Wenzhou, customer service is also required to play after the first shipment, Miss Lee will pay 1800 yuan each other. After the two companies promised to delay the arrival of goods. Tong Enzhi home customer service said the need to pay 3000 yuan, tax margin in order to deliver, if you want to return to after 1 months, when Miss Li once again call customer service, the other party is off. Miss Lee called another to ask for the goods, the result is similar to the answer, at this time Miss Lee convinced that he was cheated.

According to the information provided by

Miss Li, the reporter contacted a number of search and claiming to be "maternal and child supplies wholesale merchants" customer service website, found a number of "liar merchants", they wrote on the web site address and contact names are not real information.

contact the reporter Tong en home first". Its website, said the company is engaged in maternal and child supplies wholesale company in Shanghai for many years, has a low price wholesale channels. The website of the "contact" stated on the contact address and telephone number, reporters according to the address to find the property, property clearly told reporters that the Swindlers Company, because there are many people asked to the property of the company, also claimed cheated thousands of yuan. After that, the reporter found a good mother and baby supplies on the site, but also to provide a wholesale price of maternal and infant supplies, online all kinds of goods are 50 percent off discount. Reporters in the online social credit inquiry to the Internet, by the Shanghai Information Network Security Management Association to verify, on a good home and baby supplies website ICP false information, fake shopping website.

network social credit network to remind users to "delivery" requirements, must through the third party payment transaction platform, and can not easily transfer money to hit the other account. Secondly, through the network of social credit evaluation function and integrity of the navigation function of the site to check the risk level, in order to prevent deception.