The ant flower chant data 88 minutes to pay number over last year, all day long

November 11th morning news, Tmall officially opened the 11, from Tmall data show that in the first 11 hours of double this year, ant flowers chant payment number accounted for 30.14%, this also means that, in 1 hours to break 35 billion 300 million of Tmall’s turnover, 10 billion 600 million is paid by the ants spend.


in addition to display the number of ants spend first hours payment chant, the data also show that this year 11 officially opened after 1 hours and 2 minutes, take the amount of consumption will exceed last year’s stage. All day long. In 1 hours and 26 minutes, the ant take payment number more than last year. The number of up to 60 million 480 thousand pen pen all day long.

billion state power network has learned, at present ant flowers more popular among young people. According to ant flower chanting recently released data show that young people spend it users in a high proportion, especially after 90. China now has nearly 170 million of the 90, about forty-five million of which opened the flower chanting, that is to say, every 4 90 have 1 flowers.

It is reported that

, in addition to chant the ant take Alibaba business platform, in the taxi drops, hungry, 12306 external channels are also available.