New pat Network formally launched a PC shop with a WeChat shop open

[Abstract] the new pat Network mission is to form a virtuous cycle of C2C healthy business ecosystem, from the flow distribution system to start service businesses.


group vice president Pat Kui Ying Chun network president


technology news (Le Tian) yesterday (July 17th) news, Jingdong group’s shopping site pat Network announced in Beijing today officially launched operations, and for the first time announced a new distribution pat Network in traffic, users share platform, rules and other aspects of initiatives.

, vice president and President of Jingdong network pat Chun Ying Chun said that at this stage of China C2C ecological health, the most direct manifestation is that most businesses in the ecological chain can not be profitable. New pat Network mission is to form a virtuous cycle of C2C healthy business ecosystem.

in March this year, the Jingdong group’s acquisition of the former Tencent pat Network, and set it into an independent subsidiary of C2C market, began remodeling pat Network immediately, the most important job is to re plan the flow pat Network Distribution system.

traffic distribution system from the start of service providers

it is understood that in the current C2C environment, the way the seller to get free traffic mainly from the platform to search, and search ranking and extremely dependent on sales, so sellers have to go through a lot of advertising to boost sales in exchange for forward search rankings.

This makes

more than a seller’s marketing costs tend to occupy 30%-40% of their income, plus the cost of goods and personnel, office space, warehouse, logistics, customer service and other costs, profits can really get extremely meager and negligible.

this is also a direct result of the ecological chain of most businesses are not profitable, some businesses to survive and sell low-cost low-quality goods, and even fake, directly affect their reputation and the interests of consumers.

pat network reconstruction is to start from the flow of the distribution system to service businesses. The first is the steady flow of subsidies. Kui Ying Chun said the new pat net in 3-5 years will not for profit, on the contrary, will be through a large bag and give the seller procurement resources, traffic and advertising subsidies to help sellers with lower cost access to the user.

Jingdong, 2014 ad pat Network traffic will put subsidies 1:1 businesses, which is how much foreign investment businesses advertising platform will subsidize the corresponding number of advertising, direct advertising cost is reduced by 50%, at the same time, pat Network traffic policy will be very stable in 2015 and 2016 will continue to advertising subsidies, facilitate the development of ecological construction.

in the free flow distribution, pat Network made a significant revision of search rules, minimize the weight of the sales factor in the search, the weighted product quality, service shops, commercial conversion rate, retained the ability to store the core operational capability of the score, and the introduction from common interest groups and friends recommended personality >