Sell the shop to travel

When I graduated from

University contacted Taobao, just contact Taobao, no credit, no capital, part-time to open a shop, a start is to do LeBron, Adidas Baidu Nike is fake, a source, hanged more than and 10 days out of business, train for a few days, can not afford. Trying to find a shortcut, Taobao did not sell, they think to do a website, buy buy domain space, online shopex system, they do a website, the Baidu keywords ranking optimization, understand the point of SEO, a month of sports shoes Baidu search agent, I shot third a take home goods, earn a 10-20 yuan a pair of shoes, more than 1 thousand recruit agents, agent orders go my Taobao store, then a new seller agent a lot, my things to see the goods, the seller of friends and relatives were fooled to buy a lot of shoes , an agent to buy 2-3 double average. Credit earned, money earned, part-time earn more than 3 thousand a month, that happy ah, go to work only more than 2 thousand. Of course, now do not recruit agents with reality, Taobao sales platform, website of recruit agents to recruit, to think about the next step of the way.

shoes do a period of time, the quality is not good, return more, feel is not a permanent solution, so decisively changed the supply channels, shipments can also, but not before looking for agents to sell more, so, slowly put the credibility of the accumulated money, look straight to traffic, no money even the.

time of day by day in the past, I do have to Taobao for second years, has earned the reputation also close to two crown, this is my two years like a day every day, soak in the home the same, a lot of money. I am 26 years old, the family always give me the dates, but each part is the result of reason is that each blind I want always ringing.

some time ago, mom and dad looking for my formal talk, the content is very simple, is to let me put the Taobao store is closed, they pay me a solid support wholesale shop, and then find a wife back to reassure them. See mom dad’s attitude, very firm kind, but I at least agreed to down.

when I was about to shut the shop, a lot of online sellers friends have sent a voice of regret, but some people suggested that I can sell the shop. Think about it, and went to the Internet to see a circle, I think the shop can also make their own earn a pen. I am in each shop trading platforms have hung up the sale of information, only 1 hours of time, it is called a A5 online trading platform ( will help me find a buyer, and their customer service to the buyer is looking for a direct second, no bargain, I love this. Everything went well, and more than a week later I got the money from the store. The family know I put the shop to sell the money, can not help but also some accidents, I told them about the old two, on the back of the package to travel to relax.

in the trip, I felt the outside world is so beautiful, if you continue to do Taobao, >