E-commerce to help the rapid development of traditional industries

According to the

China Electronic Commerce Research Center recently released "2010 annual Chinese industry electronic commerce website survey report" shows that as of December 2010, China’s e-commerce service industry enterprises reached 9200, an increase of 21.3% in 2010, China’s e-commerce transactions exceeded 4 trillion yuan, more and more traditional industries are using electronic development business to expand business.

over time, after 80 has gradually become the main force in the consumer society, and the popularization of the computer industry, the Internet and the rise of e-commerce, the seemingly distant "online shopping", has become more and more of our people’s consumption habits.

in the following books, clothing, virtual goods and 3C industry and other industries, electric shock after the success, more and more traditional industries began to keen on e-commerce and marriage. But also because of the traditional industry from raw material procurement, production, warehousing, logistics, has a fixed pattern to the terminal sales, customer service service and a series of process, applied to the emerging e-commerce need to run, many mutual integration, so the process of e-commerce and not all industries are so smooth the emergence of electronic commerce website, so more is just a way to promote the traditional line of business, more and more traditional industries by means of e-commerce platform for the development of new market.

It is reported that

, Seville motorcycle (http://s.nba38.com) main original luxury sports car, motorcycle, car, scooter, car, SUV Prince professional web site, the site responsible person told the reporter, since the website was set up, there are some overseas customers to deal directly through the Internet, the number gradually increased, many customers are the first in the website look at the details of the car and customer service service directly after the purchase orders, sales have increased significantly, the future will increase the network marketing, sales to a higher level.

according to the reporter learned that, in recent years our country all levels of government to vigorously expand the industrial structure of electronic commerce, traditional enterprises are actively expanding the industry network marketing mode, displaying the latest product line through the Internet and can complete the corporate image. The organic integration of e-commerce and traditional industries, will help the rapid development of traditional industries, driven by China’s rapid economic growth.