Jumei.com is selling fake fake events it is the sign

a company called lucky Sunny Trading Company suspected of selling counterfeit luxury goods. Recently after exposure, pull out the carrot out of the mud. They have a list of business platform cooperation, jumei.com and other well-known impressively. Jumei.com admitted selling, the lucky sunny shop closing.

has always claimed to be "global cosmetics industry reputation first-class sale website" jumei.com, too low is not unpleasant, mistake attitude is good, but "fake door" pumping it on the face of red marks, the estimated time can not eliminate swelling.

in the retail sector as "the bright younger generation", the electricity supplier platform since its birth, it has been the world "by questioning is not reliable. Whether it is physical or virtual, is offline or online, open the door to do business from ancient to modern times will pay attention to a "fair trade". Whether or Quejinduanliang shoddy, once caught, a hundred years old or new business or probably will be directly a gilded signboard crash when landing.

selling after the incident, jumei.com CEO Chen Ou classic Chen EC by the netizen "Parody": "you favor my" low quality ", every day patronage, I pity you" blind ". You can hold on to your trust, we will prove that this is fake paradise. I ‘m not a product, I speak for myself." Between the lines are consumers of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

electricity providers engage in channel cooperation, although the door is open, but can not be a mouth, supplier qualification audit procedures can not be ignored in a link – this is a precaution in advance. A sale, do, electricity supplier in addition to sit and wait for sharing, probably time regulation, consumer complaints, evaluation or even Tucao to sound ear, the partners have what "no rules" will not slip in the nose. For electricity providers, traffic is the lifeline, some significantly below the market price of the so-called "on sale" to boost popularity, but more important one also can not forget: the quality of the high-voltage wire must not touch, who does touch over.

compared with the old shopping center, the electricity supplier is undoubtedly young. The more young, steps towards a more cautious, want to leave a chair in the scheduled seating, the occasional mistake could have, but it can never go wrong, which is not blocking the entrance on the electricity supplier fakes, their "out" probably only a matter of time.