From the PC to the mobile terminal to explore the flow of the road

is the Internet business flow of blood! No traffic, as if you put the store in the mountains, the instant you store decoration beautiful, put out the product is good, not popular, business is difficult to do so


focus on Internet marketing for 4 years, contact and studied a lot of kinds of traffic methods, each flow method has a certain effect, to achieve a good flow effect, in fact, to combine a variety of traffic methods to do. However, the flow of so many ways, we need to do everything possible not proficient; plus mobile Internet users increased, reducing the PC end user, the original and a lot of traffic methods suitable for PC side effects worse, such as subscription email marketing, now users open mail rate of only 20 – 30%, very low.

into the mobile Internet era, our internet marketing people how to expand the flow of


is to understand this truth, we need to think about the analysis from two aspects: on the one hand, the Internet is a network application technology constantly updated; on the other hand, the Internet is an information communication platform. The former change the latter unchanged.

from the Internet is a network application technology perspective, such as the Tencent from QQ to WeChat, because WeChat multiple functions, easy to use, user-friendly, so we play the more micro marketing fire! Fire! The power of the rapid decline of QQ marketing. So, for this kind of flow through the network application software or platform, as long as the software or platform to upgrade, we have to follow the corresponding flow technology upgrade. You must not make mistakes, WeChat fire you still in QQ marketing based


from the Internet is an information dissemination platform perspective, both the PC and the mobile terminal network, they are by Google, Baidu and other search engines to search all kinds of information they want, then the SEO optimization is always an important method to get traffic.

and, most of all kinds of network information dissemination is in the language as the carrier, the release in each big website forum on text information, exist for a long time, not easy to be deleted! So marketing is an important method for the long-term traffic.

also, there are a variety of valuable information on the Internet, when we see some valuable things, are willing to share with friends in time. Therefore, we select the virus source information, design the mode of transmission of the virus, so the virus source information on the network automatically spread spread, can bring very accurate flow, and more and more, this is viral marketing.

of course, there are two kinds of the most efficient flow method, a Baidu auction, another is leveraging. Baidu bid is to do keyword auction, which brings the flow is very accurate, the same day to do the effective. But now the price of a click is 3-4 yuan, the greater the risk, if you do the bidding, the first test will be feasible, you can enlarge!

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