Comrade social Blued how can get a little pink blue giant detour


a few days ago China biggest gay social Blued announces A round of financing, the investor is clean capital, the scale of financing for millions of dollars. Blued Blue’s products, it is targeted for "gay", blue is bent China "company". I get financing after Blued of blue CEO, nicknamed "safe Superman" Geng Le interview.

, a pink little giant "blue" thirteen years "detour"

blue line in 2000, is the oldest China gay community, with several big Internet giant was born in the same age. Because it chose a relatively minor and obscure field, ultimately failed to grow into a towering tree, grow into the field through the intensive and meticulous farming small giant.

Baidu encyclopedia show, in addition to the current Blued has light blue, light blue, and community bf99 (gay version Jiayuan), Pinked (lesbian, gay city social applications in application). Its services include information, friends, community, magazines, literature, blogs, stories, public welfare, radio and other services.

and other giants are similar, blue also need to cater to the mobile wave, GAY mobile phone terminal needs to meet. Blue PC end flow and activity decreased significantly under the condition of the end of 2012, the timely introduction of the application of mobile Blued. User 3 million, active around 40%, the monthly active ratio of nearly 70%. Far more active than China’s largest mobile application WeChat. Blued there is no female users, blue is ready to launch a lesbian Pinked.

Geng Le introduction, Blued for the industry’s first, far more than competitors, including from the United States into China’s application Jack’d, as well as entrepreneurial rookie ZANK. The reason for the success of Jack’d lies in its good localization and community foundation. PC client accumulated over 10 years of user migration to Blued remarkable results, and better localization is a magic weapon to defeat the invaders of Chinese Internet companies.

ZANK is currently Shushushiwan Geng Le think ZANK user scale, the main date, "this is not just to be the target population, not the user choice, but we attach great importance to the two rivals".

actually, blue had indeed made a few detours. For example, bf99, a gay version of the century, it is also influenced by the impact is very serious, the activity decreased significantly. Bf99 will then as a strategic reserve of blue, blue will focus on Blued. The mobile first is almost every Internet enterprise consciousness, so blue.

two, the one and only blue: Pink fans economy

it does not Tencent’s internal competition mechanism, there is no technical barriers to entry and Baidu capabilities, Blued>