East China agent against Google open letter exposure that the conspiracy



Google East China agent denounceSina

technology news September 30th morning news, 7 East China agent was suddenly stopped the agency qualification banners denounce in Google Shanghai. According to its 29 letter to the Asia Pacific region, Google’s sales director of the open letter, the above agents believe that the existence of a huge conspiracy of the matter, said Google internal staff affect the healthy operation of Google.

yesterday East 7 agents of Hangzhou Netcom Internet, Wenzhou City owned rich investment, Ningbo Tiger wing, Jiangsu Fu, Yangzhou, Ding Jie Xiamen billion investment, because Internet Jinhua Guosheng 27 evening suddenly received Google mail, they notice to cancel the agent qualification a gathered Google Shanghai company, and hit "my hard-earned money, fair and open" banner denouncing.

according to the East China 7 agents on behalf of the introduction, the eastern region is the best sales performance in the region, East China agent has 3 years to get the title of the best agent, advertising consumption accounted for about 41% of the country’s agents. These agents think that there is a huge conspiracy, and that Google internal staff abuse of power affect the healthy operation of Google.

these 7 agents in the mail asked Google to stop the upcoming auction and tender in the number 30, and asked to arrange high-level spokesman for Google to communicate with it. "We will always retain the right to fight for our rights through any means." (Cui Xi)

the following is the full text of the message:

respected Aliza Knox (Google Asia Pacific Sales Director):


is Google in the East China advertisement agents, to send you this email to about us by mail inform the stop agent qualification problems in September 27th, we believe that in this case, you have to understand the situation and the truth is very different.

do not know if you know in the past 4 years, China has 3 years to obtain the best agent agent title, advertising consumption accounted for 41% of the agents, why would suddenly asked Google the best agents to stop operating the Google business? We consumption growth, payment of credit and other aspects in the new single sales, has maintained a good record why, is the best choice of agents, rather than some worse?

we received a sudden mail notification in September 27th, and in September 30th, Google will immediately carry out customer auction and bidding at the same time, all our clients received from Google mail, we were told that they stop agent qualification, why such a relation to the cooperation between big things, will handle so urgent and sudden, and at the same time customers it was told that this sensible or reasonable


agents in Jiangsu, Suzhou, China, to stop the agency business has held a similar tender, but it is the lowest price buyers to succeed and no payment. What is the significance of this kind of tender?