Google announced officially withdraw from mainland China

Google senior vice president David Drew Ormond today in the official website of Google Bowen released "new Chinese strategy (update)", pointed out that the Chinese Internet environment continued to deteriorate over the last year, a large number of well-known websites and services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and Docs Blogger have been blocked all this makes Google decided to stop the search results in filtering.

pointed out that post, Google will start from today to stop censoring web search, news search, image search, access users will be automatically redirected to, where it will provide uncensored simplified Chinese search service. Hongkong’s traditional Chinese search service remains unchanged. Users in mainland China will use the Hongkong server to search, so there may be slow or temporarily inaccessible access situation.

Google to make such a decision is difficult, including the Chinese Google hope that the people of the world, can enjoy the service of Google, but Google and Chinese in the negotiations get clear information, no censorship of search is illegal, so Google believe that through the use of to provide no censorship the search result is a wise choice, because the service in Hongkong that is completely legal, but also help users get more information, China. Google is well aware that this may mean that search services are blocked at any time, but Google hopes the Chinese government will respect the decision of Google. In addition, Google also created a web page updated every day to detect mainland China to access Google services.


Google has a wide range of business, so the original Google China R & D and sales team will continue to stay in the China work, was responsible for the sales team will China user access in the case of

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Bowen wrote, Google pointed out that the presumption of all these decisions are enforced by the management personnel, has nothing to do with Google Chinese employees, Chinese employees should not be held accountable, Google Chinese employees facing the large pressure is still hard to ensure Google Chinese services running Google deeply pride.

in the above statement after the release, the author of the test, direct access to will automatically jump to the, Home Tips: welcome to Google search in China’s new home". This shows that Google has really given up on google.c>