Do stand more and more difficult, let us how to live ah

prices rose sharply, Baidu included do not rise, every day on the statistics look at a few IP

there is no station IP, worry, with no money IP worry, has been admired for the personality of the fish, low-key money

but insist on their own update every day, every day to do the chain, adhere to every day to see

IP has, but the money is still not, a hard to do two or three months of the station, and now IP finally has a 1000, according to reason, the happy

, but with IP is not equal to make money, and now 1000IP is equivalent to 2-3 dollars, I really do not understand why so difficult to do ~~


used to envy the webmaster, always thought that one day, you can become a show gens, but the reality is always so cruel

looked at the legendary Ao station, known as the two months earned 5W

himself to do a, but Baidu to now all included, cry…..

heard that buy the chain can increase the ranking in the search engine, but did not expect that the first time to buy a liar, the money to him, your connection is also under

made himself very depressed ~ ~ now do stand has no direction, the future of a confused, but life still have to continue….