Alipay set up the first merchant 30 electricity providers to join the security alliance


technology news (Zhu Xudong) September 17th news, Alipay today led the establishment of the first domestic Internet businesses through the security alliance, security technology, data sharing, to help businesses improve transaction security level. U.S. group, public comment, 58 city, Cuba, Hui Yuan network and other electricity suppliers to become the first to join the more than and 30 members.

along with the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce network security threats in recent years, more and more. Due to the lack of adequate security experience and technical support, the current domestic 90% electronic business platform does not establish an effective security monitoring system and rules, it is difficult to bring more security to the user online shopping transactions.

merchant security alliance plans to open security technologies and data to help electricity providers to defend the traditional Trojan horse, phishing security threats. It is understood that only the first half of 2012, Alipay and partners jointly blocked more than 133 thousand for online shopping in the field of phishing sites, phishing sites accounted for the amount of 39% of the global total shielding.

In addition

, "Alipay merchant security alliance will also focus on the security risks caused by user information disclosure of defense surveillance. In fact, the risk of user data leakage has become a threat to the safety of users of the number one killer. Analysys survey, 2011 online shopping user account and password information stolen funds due to losses caused by the highest proportion reached 33.9%.

in view of this situation, Alipay has developed a new standard for defense alliance, with anti phishing technology, prevention and control programs and products, monitor the abnormal trading risks, prevent the Trojans and phishing links, so as to prevent criminals steal Union merchant account, or the use of stolen account shopping in the union business and profit.


said, through a combination of safety protection, due to the electricity supplier to the user account and bank card information stolen payment security risks caused by the cases, and the payment of capital losses can be decreased by about 90%, the effect is very obvious.

"in phishing sites, fraud Trojan rising threat environment, hackers basically formed group crime trend, the electricity supplier must establish transaction risk security system to cope with changing situation as soon as possible." Alipay vice president Jiang Zhaoyang think.