Mt.Gox said it had recovered 200 thousand bitcoins worth about $116 million

Mt.Gox said it has recovered 200 thousand bitcoins worth about $116 million

[TechWeb] reported on March 21st, according to foreign media reports, the Japanese bitcoin trading platform Mt. Gox recently announced its discovery in March 7th was forgotten 200 thousand bitcoins, worth about $116 million. Not long ago, because of the loss of $500 million worth of bitcoin trading platform, and filed for bankruptcy protection.

Mt.Gox announced the good news on its website. Online detective noted that after the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox, the same number of bitcoins through a virtual trading platform.

Mt.Gox said the 200 thousand bitcoins were found to have been forgotten in the old bitcoin wallet. Since July 2011, these bitcoins have not been used.

previously, Mt.Gox’s CEO Karpeles Mark has reported that in the absence of nearly 1/4 bitcoins in the currency of the bizarre disappearance of the 850 thousand, and now they finally get back. For security reasons, Mt. Gox has moved all of the bitcoin found in the online wallet on the 7 day of the month, and then moved to the offline wallet at number 14 and number 15.

all the information on the way bitcoin storage, etc., have been reported to the court and supervision of lawyers.

read: the world’s largest bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox recovery landing only allows users to view the balance of the world’s largest bitcoin bitcoin trading site Mt.Gox recovery but can only query the Mt. Gox in the United States filed for bankruptcy protection to protect the remaining assets of Mt.Gox CEO blog was hacked a total of 950 thousand bitcoins Mt.Gox insider story, up to $460 million bitcoin disaster Mt.Gox said in a statement is going bankruptcy Mt. Gox collapse insider close the transaction: ignore the loopholes in the system of financial management confusion