Donations to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake disaster relief efforts

according to the QQ website statistics as at 16:20 on the 20 Wenchuan earthquake caused the death of 39577 people were injured in Sichuan, 236359 people. Statistical data is still in a period of change.

can be said to be dogged by bad luck China 2008 year, the sudden natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, each of the victims in disaster areas, is unfortunate, although they rise up and help themselves in the party and the government and the community care and relief, rely on self-reliance, but, in order to allow them to escape trouble, better life let down. Each of us can contribute to extend a helping hand and.

hereby [] and [stationmaster net] PR alliance jointly launched " to the Sichuan earthquake victims, the webmaster to contribute money aid "fundraiser, hope that the majority of owners to lend a helping hand to reflect our webmaster fraternity, do a difficult eight party to help, a dedication of love you. Let us Our wills unite like a fortress. together. At the same time, I hope the webmaster friends rely on the power of the network to mobilize the majority of users together to donate money, in order to our suffering compatriots, in order to the future of the motherland, let us work together to contribute their strength!

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