Not to end the journey blocked Bing domain name

    Microsoft Bing is the Internet industry last week’s hottest topic, Baidu, Google and Bing on the future in the search field competition is also one of the most closely watched things, but is unpredictable, the Microsoft Bing search to journey before encountered problems, from the evening of June 2nd until now, Microsoft Bing has been completely unable to open, according to sources, Bing has been blocked, can browse the use of special software "wall".

had previously been considered the fault and the Microsoft Corp began to disable the domain name, product integration, Microsoft Bing China director Liu Zhenyu yesterday also said to the media, Bing search is still in the deployment phase, the product will be in June 4th global synchronization issued, Microsoft was founded in Shanghai in the joint venture company will be responsible for Bing Chinese MSN brand "will be" operation work, they will be based on relevant laws and regulations China shielding illegal information.


has yet to confirm what is the real cause of Bing was closed, because Microsoft live mailbox, sharing space, SkyDrive,, and in the evening from June 2nd began to visit the fault. Has not been able to use or browse.

This incident on the Microsoft

again to enter the search is tantamount to a heavy blow, Google in China early Internet also have encountered this problem, and therefore in the long-term competition at a disadvantage, Microsoft in the end how to deal with the sudden crisis, let us wait and see.