Once the nternet China after we can see the rise and fall

takes the history as a mirror, one can know. China Internet time.

write a simple today, starting in the know almost, add a few here.

1, the first in the United States listed China Internet Corporation is china.com, domain name newbier, Chinese concept, once its share price to $more than and 100, then all the way down to the floor, and then withdraw from the market, now, who still remember it.

2, Lenovo has had a fm365.com, Lenovo’s Internet strategy, very early in the affair, with Lenovo computer with a swing, once known as the top domestic portal, and then later? Once domain names are lost, then there is no then.

3, we know that now the largest literary station is the starting point of the literature, the biggest one is to download the Chinese Army software, one is the acquisition of Baidu sky download. But once the biggest literature station gold bookstore, the largest download station is however these sites are as boundless as the sea and sky, was a call to the company with very low price, then the person standing is not worth ah, then, to collect a bunch of the best individual stations, results all dead.

4, the earliest e-commerce site, 8848.com, was China e-commerce website throughouther listed in the key moment of the finishing touches, did not succeed, then, worse.

5, the world Internet giant acquired China Internet leader, sounds like a good strong combination, two case, eBay acquired the leader at the time when eBay, eBay in Chinese business market share of more than 80%, and is the new Taobao play lost helmet armor. YAHOO acquisition of 3721, when 3721 of the income scale and terminal coverage were beat Baidu, then look at the Baidu myth was born.

6, the first A shares on the Internet stocks when they called Haihong holdings, holding the largest China, chess game platform completely duguqiubai, ourgame. Then slowly Lianzhong nullify, step by step behind the times. Today we don’t say that Tencent, Polk City Chess platform like this, I estimate income than the high number of lianzhong.

7, once the largest download tool called network ants.


8, the Internet bubble burst, the NetEase is the three major portals in the most vulnerable, once the stock price fell to less than 1 dollars, Ding Lei fired him CEO, financial scandals, the media every day to the NetEase do delisting countdown, everyone in the Schadenfreude, but we see today, the three major portal NetEase and the fastest, the most successful new business development, now the game market, Tencent did not get his way.


9, South African telecommunications investment Tencent, all the media people think of South Africa SB, Ma Huateng cheated, said Ma Huateng’s valuation completely by the people, OICQ (user was not called QQ) is a young age and low levels of users, no consumption ability. Now as Tencent shares