Talk about the problem of standing and standing

      for China’s webmaster group, there are some things that make me feel no morality.

      on the site to hang a Trojan horse or to provide a Trojan horse. Because of my personal computer recently as long as the Internet to find a small thing, even if it is a formal document for a national hair will be poisoned in Malaysia, this is not my personal feelings with, I want to China all users on this kind of thing is with deep hatred and resentment. Remember from last year (2006) October Chinese Trojans in the formal or informal sites (sites are not too large to omit the past hope the) spread, because at that time some people come to me, asked me to hang his trojan in my head, and then every day how much commission (I personally called Mei Xinqian). I think it is an insult to my personality, so I didn’t speak to the man in the black list. The horse propagation speed, obviously many China stationmaster in October after the ebb was selected and Trojan SMS providers to sell their own conscience and moral compromise. Chinese individual stationmaster group is large, once some people choose this way, the Trojan spread speed as can be imagined, our Internet environment. As can be imagined here called the webmaster Chinese, please do not want that to a few dollars of abandoned people do their own personality, can think about what to do the station can clean money, so the money with the only comfort. I do not have the reason to call the Trojans here, because I think this part is not a person, and people do not communicate with people there is obviously a way, but beyond the scope of my ability.

      does not provide the actual content, deceives the netizen the webmaster. The Internet to find a software download, download to download address in is another software, Kingsoft antivirus software or find a similar broadcast PA ~, online movies look, open play page, playback window text, "this movie site to install the GG toolbar can play", with the actual no movie etc.. Always give people a feeling of feeling cheated, with a common point of analogy, like a man hungry for a long time, it is difficult to find a beautiful plump woman, and so on when it was discovered that the personal feeling of the demon. Advertising is the survival of the individual webmaster, but why not to provide users with the actual content of the ad. I believe that a little knowledge of users, as long as the last time this site, it should not be on the second. Cheating is not only these, but as long as it is to deceive users, it is not.

      refused to communicate with you, do not want to help others to close the country to international intercourse, webmaster. As mentioned earlier in this article, I am a very like to help others, so I’m not ashamed of those who do not communicate with each other, do not want to help others. The growth of knowledge from exchanges, consolidate the knowledge to help others, who are not willing to help others, I think technology, their knowledge of the will stay in one.