The investigation of the Communist Youth League Chongqing Wangmeng bottom-up folk pattern

Yang Song, deputy director of the central office of the Central Committee of the

Group Office (right), deputy director of the city (right two) and the deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of credit, deputy director of the right (right three) in the union to listen to the introduction of the work of the Union of.

          in September 5, 2007, the Central Committee Office of Research Office of the director of Yang Song, deputy director of Huang Zhigang and the Central Committee General Office LAN Minsun deputy researcher and a line, promote the office deputy director Zhang Yongzhong, municipal research group director Zhang Bo in the letter Bureau accompanied by the electronic commerce of the Chongqing the association’s website branch investigation.

            Chongqing website alliance since 2004 by the Chongqing several individual stationmaster launched three years has grown to more than and 200 members, and a year ago by civil liberties groups into government guidance association. It can not only widely representative of the Internet industry in Chongqing from the "grassroots" and "edge" sound, also be able to assist the relevant government departments in order to promote the implementation of the communication and play an important role. The Chongqing website alliance this bottom-up innovation model will undoubtedly create a precedent for the country, but also by the attention of many domestic attention. The Central Committee leadership related to our study, is to be able to listen to representatives of non-governmental organizations as WebUnion, according to government departments involved in group activities and guide the private aspects of opinions and suggestions.

            Electronic Commerce Association in the conference room, the research group comrades listened with interest to the Secretary General of the association Yao Zhang, deputy director of the branch website Fang Wen spring, Secretary General Chen Yaojian, deputy secretary general Dante on the site since 2004 to set up Branch issued during 2007 to carry out activities report. Sure was established on the site of the spontaneous, embodies the infinite vigor and vitality of young people on behalf of the Internet prospects; affirmed the growth process from the site in the city branch, embodies the information bureau, the Municipal Association of e-commerce website of branch of guidance and support. Research group and the participants hope that the site of the guide in the youth positive, promote the development of information technology in Chongqing and the integration of social resources, to make more effective work.

            Zhang Bo, director of the Research Office of the municipal Party committee, said the next step will be related to the site of the work and activities, to give positive cooperation and support.