The second annual report of the Anhui nternet Webmaster harmonious network, green Anhui

second annual report of the Anhui Internet Webmaster: harmonious network, green Anhui

May 17, 2008, Anhui station held up in the provincial capital of Hefei, attracting more than 700 owners to participate, including the stationmaster net, Wang laggards refused to fish swimming, Chinese station hooligan three Webmaster Station, the other participants including wide, 55LA, Ali Mama, caifutong and many other media site participants.

the General Assembly’s slogan is: advocating Anhui green network, create a clean network environment, the day of the general assembly, the original plan of 500 participants at the scene, to more than 700 enthusiastic participation of the owners.

the day of the conference. Admin5 CEO station network graph king stationmaster net friend to speak on behalf of, graph king said: "I have been working, may fail the sense of crisis has been accompanied by them, but after nearly two years of persistence, Admin5 and all her friends have been concerned in the growth of

for webmasters who are concerned about the profitability of the problem, figure Wang said: in fact, many webmasters are very clever. But the success of the webmaster is relatively stupid, Zhou Hongyi said that all successful Adsense is to work in silence. The second point of view, and a lot of people should be in conflict, I believe that the webmaster is to make money. To save yourself. Don’t try to find an investment. Do the station, to be successful, only two words: "


webmaster Dong Qinfeng also talked about: first, the owners to solve the problem of survival, from 05 years began to fall, and now encourage everyone to do sales." And then, when it comes to the problem of unity, Dong Qinfeng said emotionally: "in fact, many models are based on the flow. Pay attention to traffic value. Tai Congming’s life is not long, we are fireflies, and how to fight with the portal?."

According to the

graph king and Dong Qinfeng talk, Chinese station responsible person will also hooligan solidarity and cooperation in the future development of the important aspects of the webmaster, he said: "on the issue of cooperation webmaster webmaster general habit alone, hope can refer to foreign models, to set up their own team."

the meeting lasted nearly five hours, during the general assembly, in addition to the person in charge of the three station network of communication, Ali mother too webmaster Wangzhuan problems were introduced, and the combination between e-commerce and personal webmaster also become the focus of the conference, webmaster Cai Liwen to "focus on the network" Published professional discussion.

the Anhui stationmaster Congress although ended, but the enthusiasm of the webmaster and Anhui conference organizing coordination, gave a very deep influence to be representative of the last reference graph king in his speech a summary sentence: "Anhui station is about 3-5 million people, the station 1 million 300 thousand, today is the elite. Hope that we move up, open communication. Hope that we can communicate through the party to create a better tomorrow for personal webmaster!