How to stand out from the site – site value

what is the most valuable in twenty-first Century – talent

so a website that is the most valuable – site value

this is the reason for the existence and development of any web site, there is no value in the hearts of the site, it is not necessary to reach a business relationship with it, and do not need to repeat the visit.

to meet the needs of the user and the user needs to meet the difficulty of the composition of the site price of the two feet.

to meet the needs of users, a user on a web site to browse, the sole purpose of a can meet their needs is on this website, entertainment or shopping or learning needs or even just to pass the time.

some friends want to say, so any one site is of value, of course, any existence has its value of existence. But the value of the size of a website can eventually make money and make money easy.

One of the determinants of the value of the

site is the degree to which users are satisfied with the site and how much the user is willing to spend to meet the value – simply to say that the user is most willing to pay for that. Another factor that determines the value of the site is the ease with which the user is able to meet the demand.

the key word here is user

before the article said, the location of the site should take into account who is their own users. So here is the value of this user, LAN has seen a lot of sites, looks good, very good. But these are not good for his users. For example, a student website, to assist teachers’ teaching line functions are very good, helping students to learn the function is not strong, of course, such a site is not profitable, or is not received their money.

the first point is no different from the traditional enterprise. Any one product is to solve a problem, we are in the supermarket to buy a bottle of water to quench their thirst, to buy bread to eat. Users to our site is to solve their own problems, just a passing time is also one of the needs of users.

most of the sites are complaining that their site does not flow, fundamentally speaking, our website is not able to meet the needs of users, or that the demand for the value of the user is not large. We can make an inappropriate assumption that there is an old industry, the value of his existence is our needs. The user’s needs is the value of our website can exist, the more intense the demand, the higher the value of the site can earn.

second point is that the user is not able to meet such needs, this determines how much you want to spend the cost of allowing users to pay. Or that the user is willing to pay to who is willing to pay. This can be used to illustrate an old saying, "scarcity"