Case study how to make a single article reading millions

everyone in the era of media, from the media platform, of course, will not be less. These platforms vary in style, emphasis on the field is not the same. Today to share this small case Hiquality, that is a very popular media platform: today’s headlines.

personally believe that today’s headlines Slogan played very well: you care about, is the headlines. A language to break the human nature, so that people are ashamed to admit that they had to lower his head in silence. No half dime relationship with you, even death also ought to the theatre.

today’s headlines the biggest feature is the popularity of. It’s like a big market, everything has, what you need, just look around casually. There are large quantities of eyeballs, back and forth here so it provides a hotbed of warm in order to attract eyeballs.

so, what can attract much attention here? About six months ago, I opened an account from the media here (Hiquality), specializing in food. I have some of the representative data recorded, as follows:

first article, reading the amount of almost one hundred thousand, a little surprise:

then, after a series of 20 articles, the frequency is probably a day, to the time of the twenty-second article broke through the reading amount of 2 million 500 thousand:

to Article thirty-second, breaking the 5 million reading, when the average article close to 200 thousand the amount of reading:

to fortieth articles, read a total of 8 million 400 thousand, the average amount of reading each article broke through 200 thousand:

to forty-ninth articles, reading should be more than 10 million:


to 100th articles:

10 million to the amount of reading between the number of records, the following is the most recent screenshots, the 170th article (the background of the revision, the appearance changed)



cursory look at the above data, personal feeling is quite impressive. Because today’s headlines in the bottom of the article can recommend the micro signal, so I also through this channel to WeChat public suck powder, the highest day can attract 529 fans, the daily average can attract more than and 100 fans.

me know what kind of articles can attract so much attention? In fact, my hair is definitely not what regressed donghonghong article, I just smell the taste of the public. Hair is very general article, and even some of the one hundred or two hundred words, with a few drawings. Here are the following Titles:

, which also has a number of reading more prominent, such as more than 1 million:

see these screenshots, you may feel a little boring, are some very general kitchen skills, not what is the color of the. And each article.